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Neutral Farmhouse-Style Gallery Wall

Hi sweet friends!

Well, this past weekend was a bit of a bust. We had been planning to pick up new bi-fold doors for the closet in our front entryway, which we’re giving a little makeover. The original hollow-core sliding doors are pretty beat up and literally falling off of the track. We had already been planning to replace them at some point, but I’m thinking our front entryway needs it sooner rather than later.

I was really hoping to get the bi-fold doors painted this past weekend so they’d be all ready for installing this upcoming weekend, but no such luck! I want to stick with the same style closet doors as we installed in our fireplace room for consistency, but the smallest that each door runs is 24 x 80. Unfortunately, the closet opening in our front entryway is about 45 x 80 in width, so it’s a few inches too narrow for two 24 x 80 bi-fold doors. Bummer.

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1940s Vintage Sewing Cabinet + Thrifting Advice

Hi sweet friends!

You know how it’s said that the best things in life come to those who wait? Well, that’s how I feel about junking. Any one of my friends can tell you that I like a good deal. But the thing is… that often requires a great deal of patience (and a pinch of luck!).

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You can’t always just go out and find what you’re looking for right away, unless you’re okay with a higher price tag. Most of the time, it takes me several weeks or even months to find that perfect piece, especially when it comes to furniture. And even more so when looking for antiques!

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Fireplace Room Remodel: Vintage Farmhouse Inspiration {Part 1}

Last week, I shared the “before” tour of our 1963 split-level fixer upper, in all its original glory. When you live in an older house, it can sometimes feel like your project to-do list is a hundred feet long and like there’s no end in sight! But it’s so reassuring to look back on our “before” photos from time to time and remind myself just how much progress we’ve actually made since we first moved in. It really is starting to look like a different house!

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Welcome to My Blog, Character & Charm!

Hi there, sweet friends!

I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you what this blog is all about! And what a beautiful day it is to start this blogging journey on – it’s the very first day of March, and I can already feel spring right around the corner!

Anyway… I have a soft spot in my heart for old houses with lots of character and charm. Give me all those nooks and crannies! I enjoy creating that “old house” feel in my own home on a budget by decorating with time-worn antiques, handmade items and flea market finds. I especially love restoring and rehabbing old furniture in my spare time. It’s almost like a treasure hunt when I’m searching for that perfect piece. I think it’s really neat that every single handpicked antique + vintage find has a unique story behind it. It makes me feel like I’m adding a little piece of history to our home!

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