Front Entryway Makeover: Before Tour + Design Plans

Life has been just a little bit crazy lately, but I thought I’d take a minute to pop on here quick and tell you all about our latest reno project that we’ve got going on. I chatted about it a bit on my Instagram stories a few weeks back, but haven’t really had a chance to blog about it on here yet… until now, of course. Sorry to leave you hanging!

I so need to get better at this whole blogging thing, but I’m still kind of struggling to find that healthy balance between working full time, home renovations (did I mention the recent water-damage-in-the-half-bath-after-the-toilet-overflowed fiasco? More on that later!), DIY projects, homemaking, blogging and just life in general. Lately, I even tossed 6 a.m. workouts into the mix! Have I mentioned that I’m a little nuts? … But I will get there, I pinky promise! Just bear with me… it might take me a few months to find my groove. 😉

So we have dug into yet another project over here… giving our front entryway a makeover! I’m so excited to be updating this space and adding pieces of our own style to it. It’s going to be such a fun project to tackle, and I can’t wait to watch it all come together.

I’d normally consider this a “much-needed” makeover, as it is pretty outdated, but honestly my mindset has kind of shifted over the few years of living here and working on renovations. I always saw the hidden potential in our home, and couldn’t wait to get it all done, pronto. But that just isn’t realistic in our budget, and so it kind of forced me to do just that… wait. And, over time, I’ve really grown to love every single part of our house whether or not it’s been updated yet.

I’m learning to become more content with the process and with what we have, as it is. And I do appreciate many things about our home and our front entryway (especially that big closet!), so each makeover we do is kind of bittersweet for me. It may seem a little silly, but I’m glad that we had the chance to live here for a year or two before starting on renovations so we can have the “original” state of this home in our memories. I really think it helps us to appreciate everything so much more.

All that being said, I do think our front makeover is just calling for a refresh. Especially after more than 50 years. I like to think of it like we’re breathing new life into our home, little by little. And I’m particularly excited to watch this transformation unfold, seeing as it’s the very first thing you see when you walk in the door!

But first things first… I thought I’d start out by sharing a “before” tour of our front entryway so you can see where it all began. Actually, I guess it’s kind of an in-between stage, as we did make a some progress during the first few months after moving in like tearing down the faux wood paneling and handrail, painting the walls, changing out a light fixture, adding crown molding and minor decorating.

Front Entryway Makeover Before Tour Front Entryway Makeover Before Tour Front Entryway Makeover Before Tour Front Entryway Makeover Before Tour

I’ve never really been one to fully decorate a space until it’s been renovated… I think mostly because I’ve learned that waiting helps to cut down on decisions or purchases I might later regret when remodeling the room. But those few changes we did in here really made quite a bit of a difference, at least for the short term while we were focusing on other projects around the house.

Front Entryway Makeover Before Tour Front Entryway Makeover Before Tour Front Entryway Makeover Before Tour Front Entryway Makeover Before Tour

So here’s what we have planned for our front entryway makeover:

  • update the closet with new doors
  • replace the front door
  • fix and/or replace all trim and baseboard molding
  • replace the outdated, gold “boob” light
  • install new flooring (leaning toward vintage-y tile)
  • replace the wrought iron railing

Not all of those projects will get done this year… but I’m hoping to get as many checked off the to-do list as we can manage. It all depends on our budget for this year. I’m thinking the flooring and wrought iron railing projects will probably be saved for next year.

Front Entryway Makeover Before Tour Front Entryway Makeover Before Tour

First on the list was updating the closet area, and that has actually already been done (above is the before). I will blogging all about the progress we’ve made so far over the next few days!


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